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How to use the products. "Does it matter if I take them before or after a meal?"

It is important to follow the detailed instructions provided with each product. in order to take advantage of all their benefits. Some are better absorbed by the body when taken before a meal, others should not be taken with hot drinks, etc. For optimal use, you will find detailed information on the accompanying product infrmation sheet for all of Sekoya’s supplements

If I forget to take my food supplement, should I take a double dose the next day?

The more regularly a dose is taken, the more you’ll benefit. However, never compensate an oversight by doubling the dose the next day. You will only exceed the recommended dose, without doubling the effect.

Can I take nutritional supplements whilst taking medication?

Sekoya’s preparations have no known interactions with drugs. In rare cases, doctors can advise against certain combinations, such as the consumption of certain minerals while under medication for Alzheimer’s or in cases of renal failure. If you have any concerns, please consult your physician..

On your advice leaflets, there is the section "Sekoya's Advices”: should I really give up my habits of drinking coffee and eating yogurt?”

    The "Sekoya’s advices " provides specific information to help you get the best results from the supplement. It deals primarily with recommendations for an improved diet. These will help you recognise which foods to avoid and which to promote, reminding you of some simple and effective principles aimed at maintaining and improving your health, day by day.

What happens if I exceed the recommended daily dose of vitamin E?

The body behaves in the same way with the vast majority of vitamins. It absorbs what it can and it naturally eliminates the surplus. There are few known effects for an excess of vitamin E, even in high dose rates. Healing may be slower, some headaches or intestinal disorders may occur.

You should also remember that the recommended daily dose rates are aimed at the entire population. They do not take into account age, gender and the particular needs of each person. Some of the Sekoya’s preparations voluntarily exceed the recommended daily dose-rate, but the dosages of our products are strictly controlled and do not go beyond the limits permitted by the Federal Office of Public Health.

Can I keep my products for a long time, and consume them later on?

As for any food product, the Sekoya’s preparations can be consumed until the stated expiry date. To preserve all their nutritional value, they should be kept sealed in their original packaging, protected from light and at an ideal temperature of 15°C.

Can we combine the different treatments, e.g. Pernadol 400® & Winter Cure?

There are no contraindications for taking several nutritional supplements at the same as long as the recommended daily dose rates are not exceeded.

What are the side effects, if any, that can occur when you consume nutritional supplements?

Side effects are rare. However, there have been some reports of mild discomfort (diarrhoea, pain, etc.) during the first two or three days of starting supplementation. If a side effect lasts for more than a few days, stop taking the supplement and contact us or consult your physician.

Will I put on weight taking these supplements?

Under normal circumstances, there will be no weight gain as several of the supplements promote weight loss, such as the digestion regimen.

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