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Made in Switzerland, Sekoya food supplements are 100% natural and of high biological value.

Quality ingredients

Sekoya pays special attention to the quality of its products. We carefully select the finest ingredients from protected crops. These raw materials are gently processes, allowing us to retain the original quality and nutritional value of he plant, furit or micro-organism used.

We enrich these extracts, which are rich in micronutrients, with an appropriate amount of minerals or vitamins from natural sources. These substances provide better bioavailablity than their synthetic counterparts.

Expertise and control

The laboratories that produce Sekoya’s preparations adhere to the GMP standard* for pharmaceutical companies. This standard represents is a set of strict criteria used in pharmacopoeias, and guarantees a high quality control process for Sekoya’s functional foods supplements.

Like Sekoya, these independent laboratories are regularly inspected by the relevant authorities or the cantonal chemists, and/or the Federal Office of Public Health

*GMP for Good Manufacturing Practice

From harvest to your home

When the raw materials are harvested, they are controlled on-site to verify the absence of undesirable substances such as metals and pesticides.

  • In other instances, they are inspected once they arrive at the laboratory.
  • Several control measures are also carried out during processing.
  • Since 2015, the products have been systematically analysed and the vitamin content is controlled by the Swiss Vitamin Institute. Press Release: A partnership for Quality.
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