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Global solution for better digestive comfort

3 products for an 80-day cure 

Working closely with naturopaths and nutritionists, Sekoya has developed a cure entitled "Getting the digestive system back in shape". Composed of 3 natural food supplements, this 80-day cure acts in depth. It promotes the elimination of toxins and other waste stored throughout the digestive system and invigorates the intestinal flora.

As a result, digestive problems such as diarrhoea or constipation are reduced or disappear. The skin becomes more radiant, the belly is less swollen and you feel more energetic. The effects of such a fitness programme are significant and long-lasting. It requires an effort on your part, but you will feel revived!

Digestion cure - Sekoya
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  • Because of its composition, the digestion cure:
  • - Is rich in fibre
  • - Helps protect cells from oxidative stress
  • - Helps maintain mucous membranes
  • - Contributes to normal digestive enzyme function
  • - Provides lactic acid bacteria to strengthen the microbiota
  • - Contributes to normal immune system function

  • - Duration of 80 days, detailed explanations provided with the cure.
  • - This cure exclusively distributed by Sekoya can be followed once or twice a year. The most favourable periods are spring and autumn.
  • Allergy Crustaceans
  • Contraindication Not known

Do not exceed the indicated daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The three supplements included in the regimen are manufactured in Switzerland, are 100% natural and rich in organic value. Additionally, they are extremely well tolerated.

    • Several tips for each stage of this cure are detailed on an explanatory sheet that comes with the cure.

1 bottle of Chlorella
1 bottle of Digestol®
1 bottle of Exaflora®
Advice sheet
Duration of the 80-day treatment

Our clients talk about it

By Mireille F. Switzerland

I did this after taking antibiotics to help cleanse my body, I was very pleased. I also added your acerola for the immune system :)

By Silvia, Switzerland

I have now completed this treatment and am very satisfied with the results. I will only do this once a year, to bring the system back into harmony.

By Bruno S., France

Excellent products, it takes some time to see the result, you must not let go!

By Caroline P., France

I love the addition of chlorella to this cure, which also makes it more detoxifying

By Rafael B., France

too complicated to take!

By Daniel U., Switzerland

I took this 3 months ago, i'm very satisfied with the results. My bloating almost completely disapeared ! Highly recommend

By Carla T., Belgium

One month after finishing the treatment, the bloating has returned, how many times should I do it?

By Veronique P., Switzerland

I have always been constipated, this cure has helped me a lot! Much less violent than laxatives

By Doris D., Belgium

3 months is far too long to see results

By Nicole F., Switzerland

I was afraid of buying it because it is expensive but was totally worth it

By Léon R., Switzerland

A real cleansing of the digestive system, I recommend it to my patients every spring, to clean, detoxify and strengthen the flora to make a whole new skin at the digestive level

By Ray, France

It was very complicated to take, different amount of capsules in different thank you

By Amaury P., Belgium

Long treatment because I am active, but very effective

By Verena, Switzerland

I had positive results with this cure, I always had digestive problems and the cure really helped to regulate them

By Rosalie G., France

My transit is well back in place :) satisfied