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Contributes to the proper functioning of the brain

Lipid extract 24% EPA, 30% DHA + natural vitamins E and D + Astaxanthin

Omega 3 represents 20% of brain dry mass. Depriving it of these fatty acids means putting neurons in danger through oxidation. New research puts forward the hypothesis that a deficiency in omega 3 predisposes the occurrence of attention disorders or depression. Today we can confirm that daily consumption of 250mg(1) of DHA contained in omega 3 contributes to normal brain function.

This elaborate preparation distinguishes itself by the presence of astaxanthin taken from the Haematoccus pluvialis algae, natural vitamin D which supports immune function and natural vitamin E which protects cells from oxidative stress.

Omega 3+ - Sekoya
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  • - Individuals who do not consume sufficient quantities of oily fish
  • - Individuals who wish to preserve a good quality of life
  • - Normal brain function(1)
  • - Normal heart function(2)
  • (1) Due to its DHA content, Omega 3+ contributes to the normal functioning of the brain from 5 capsules per day.
    (2) Due to its DHA + EPA content, Omega 3+ contributes to normal heart function from 3 capsules per day.

  • - 3 capsules per day, to be taken during breakfast, lunch and/or the evening meal.
  • - Omega 3+ provides health benefits after two months of use and may be taken all year.
  • Allergy Do not eat if you are intolerant to fish proteins.
  • Contraindication Not known

Do not exceed the indicated daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

3 capsules VNR
Omega 3 282.0 mg 100%
   including EPA 122.80 mg *
   including DHA 141.0 mg *
Vitamin E 36.0 mg 300%
Astaxanthin 4.0 mg *
Vitamin D3 20.0 μg 400%

*Not defined
NRV = Nutritional Reference Value

Ingredients Oil of salmon Alaskan wild Alaska, vitamin E, astaxanthin (seaweed, Haematoccus pluvialis), vitamin D3. Capsule (food gelatin, glycerol, water).

The dietary supplements offered by Sekoya are 100% natural and of high biological value (Swiss quality control).

    • - Avoid foods with excess fat (fried foods, pastries, fatty meat. . .) and excess salt and sugar.
    • - Generously apply cold-pressed virgin oils (olive, pumpkin seed) onto your salads and other raw vegetables.
    • - Avoid tobacco and alcohol as these substances are harmful to your body and substantially increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
    • - Eat a lot of fresh vegetables.
    • - Exercise regularly.

90 capsules of 733 mg
Tip sheet
Duration of the 30-day course of treatment

Our clients talk about it

By Delphine O., Switzerland

I take it as a preventive method for the future because omega 3 is good for several things

By Audrey, Switzerland

I don't like the taste of fish, so I take it with my meals. It's okay these don't smell much

By Thierry D., France

The oceans are so polluted that I had my doubts, I asked Sekoya and they sent me analyses that show that they are not. Even if I don't understand the whole sheet, I salute their transparency which is too rare in other brands

By Magali J., Switzerland

Very good product, but it smells strong when you open the box.

By Sandrine, France

I take omega 3 all year round, it has an effect on my mood and my cholesterol. I recommend it in any case

By Antoin K., Switzerland

Ich mag den Geruch von Fisch nicht, wenn ich meine Flasche öffne, aber mein Cholesterol ist gesunken wirksam

By Sabrina, Belgium

Used in conjunction with turmeric and the products pernadol and pernaflex to treat my joint pain.

By Adrien R., Switzerland

To put in the fridge, the smell is attenuated.

By René, Switzerland

I like to order for winter, thank you